Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 7


Tide TIPS: Volume 7

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Simply be more productive

Ever feel like that to-do list of yours never gets any shorter? That no matter what you do, you just can’t cross off that last item? Whether you are a time-crunched startup owner, or a researcher that can run out of time before realizing it, we can all benefit from a productivity tip. Shockingly, in 1918, a productivity consultant named Ivy Lee handed down some advice that still rings true nearly 100 years later. The secret? Distill your next day’s activities down to six activities at the end of every day. No more than six. No less. Then, truthfully prioritize the activities in order of importance. In the morning, focus on the first activity and work until it’s done. Then continue in this fashion until the list is done. Didn’t finish? Carry over activities to the next day. Repeat every work day. Wanna know how much the consultant was paid for this advice? Prioritize this to the top of your list and read the whole story here. (Fast Company)

What type of funding does your start up need?

As a startup owner, it can be super easy to constantly second guess yourself on the answer to this question. Well, the great people over at Tech Vibe are running a series on the pros and cons of the most popular types of funding. This week, government funding. Lots of good advice and helpful links for locating funds and other types of fringe benefits associated with government funding. Get them all here. (Tech Vibe)

Self-Building Phones

In one of the cooler things you will see on the internet this week, the peeps up at MIT have invented phones that can assemble themselves. And the surprising thing, as if self-assembling phones weren’t surprising enough, is how simple the process there is. No bio or nano materials necessary, but there is a rock tumbler. You see, they basically throw the parts in the tumbler, then the parts magnetically snap together. So, they basically throw parts in a clothes dryer, wait a while and voila, cell phone. While this is great and all, it begs the questions – Why in the world can we not get something that self-matches socks?! Get your priorities in order science. (Gizmodo)

No patent? No problem

It’s no secret that patent protection is a great way to protect your product. However, not everyone is able to secure this intangible property right. Just because your patent application gets denied, that doesn’t mean you can’t protect your product or business. The business gurus at Entrepreneur put together some tips for protecting your business, even without the help of a patent. (Entrepreneur)

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