Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 29


Tide TIPS: Volume 29

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A Patent Love Affair

In honor of Tide TIPS-day falling on Valentine’s Day, we are doing an entire post about the intersection of love and our beloved TIPS. To kick things off, we have a couple of patent applications, that are, to put it bluntly, patently absurd. During my research, I found two patents that claim to help people find love, with one even claiming to help achieve immortality. Now, you might be thinking surely no one can get a patent on something like this, and that thought would be correct. This patent cannot be issued for a litany of reasons. The primary reason would be that love is a naturally occurring phenomenon—think gravity, and the patent office is staunchly against giving out patents for those things. One of the patents claims that it can help to achieve immortality. So, not only would this one be ruled out by a naturally occurring phenomenon, but it would lack utility. As far as anyone in the world knows, immortality cannot be achieved. Therefore, the patent office will not grant a patent unless it has usefulness to the public. For our patent nerds out there, the PAIR on these patents were particularly funny and worth checking out. Here they are in all their glory. Patent 1 and Patent 2.

In a similar vein to our first blurb, the folks over at Innography found some off the wall patented technologies that are used to find love. Unlike the first article, these are a little more legitimate and patentable. For example, did you ever consider that Match.com would have patents? Well, they do. eHarmony is the same way. They also found some interesting and crazy ones similar to the ones we found.

In our patent love affair, today, we have some patented love tech. This list comes courtesy of IPWatchdog.com. Some notable patents include printed flowers, Valentine’s Day card design, a method of gamifying love, and a broken heart funeral urn. Not really sure the last one is totally for love, but I just report. You decide.

Finally, we have an infographic of the evolution of love and technology courtesy of PBS. It oddly begins in 1658 with the advent of the printing press. Because, you know, nothing says I love you more than a pressed piece of parchment. The timeline runs all the way up to today’s current dating apps like Zoosk and Tinder. Oh, how far we have come.



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