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Tide TIPS: Volume 4

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Facebook: The Frequent Flyer

They want to be real frequent flyers, too. Like three months at a time frequent. Surely you’ve figured out we aren’t talking about commercial flight by now. Could you imagine three months on a Southwest jet? Oh, the horror. No, we are talking about Facebook’s drones. Yes, Facebook has new solar powered air drone technology. These drones would beam internet technology down to inhabitants of remote places, thus giving them access to the rest of the world. Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg says the goal is to connect as many people across the globe as possible. Which I read as, more people to give their unsolicited opinion on the 2016 election. (Fast Company)

Sometimes old dogs can learn new tricks

This is the case with a Norwegian company called Piql. (Report: No indication whether it is dill or sweet.) Piql uses a very old technology, like 1880’s old technology, to satisfy a newly emerging market. Essentially, they are capitalizing on the growing need for data storage and migration by using a technology used for photography and film to put digital files into a physical location via QR code embedment. To simplify, they put barcode-like patterns on film that can be scanned later. Piql’s customers like the functionality and reliability to handle their data. This model is different than new disruptive technology that compete on convenience and cost. So, Piql’s tech may be an old dog, but he can still sit and shake with the best of them. Just don’t ask it to rollover. (Harvard Business Review)

Spoiler Alert: Science is Hard

Seriously, it’s a lot harder than we thought it was. This difficulty of science has been masked for years by what is known as p-hacking. This is where research scientists will manipulate the p-values of their research to earn publication into academic journals. Hopefully, this trend is on the downslope. The people over at FiveThirtyEight – you know, those people with the really cool charts – have put together an excellent study on scientific publications. Definitely worth checking out. (FiveThirtyEight)

Three steps to taking advice

As entrepreneurs, researchers, and innovators our ventures into uncertainty can drive us to seek advice. Maybe I’m speaking for myself, but it always seems like I can never get enough good advice. Almost like I’m always chasing the validation of my peers. This leads to an influx of lots of smart people telling me what they think. How does one filter through this influx? Well, Entrepreneur magazine has a simple three step guide for you to follow. Not to add to your pile of advice, but this bit of it was good. (Entrepreneur)

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