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Tide TIPS: Volume 1

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Hello World

Welcome to Tide TIPS! This is a new weekly blog from The University of Alabama’s Office for Technology Transfer. Every Tuesday, we will bring you a mix of stories around topics involving Technology, Innovation, Patents, and Startups (TIPS). Each article will be presented with a short and pithy paragraph summarizing the article. The goal is to be informative, yet entertaining. Resourceful and refreshing. Subscribe to the Tide TIPS newsletter and never miss an issue. We hope you will join us every Tuesday!

Sharktank, well sort of

Yesterday, the fall round of the Alabama Launchpad competition opened for submissions. If you aren’t familiar with the competition, Alabama Launchpad is a statewide business plan competition meant to fund early stage companies. Like Sharktank, teams present to a panel of judges for evaluation. Unlike Sharktank, teams are not expected to negotiate deals for equity in their company, but instead everyone competes for a share of $250,000. Maybe not quite as intimidating Sharktank, but still fast paced and cutthroat. Maybe less shark and more dolphin. Alabama Launchpad: The Dolphin Tank. If you are interested in applying for the competition, you read more about the competition here. (Alabama Launchpad)

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or should I say geodude, you have heard of Pokemon Go. In case you haven’t, Pokemon Go is a free iPhone and Android app that uses augmented reality to place Pokemon into real world locations, like right around the corner from our office. The app has been a huge hit, almost reaching an equal number of Daily Active Users as Twitter and increasing Nintendo’s valuation by $9 billion. While this is every 90s kid’s dream, the app is actually encouraging players of all ages to get out and move. The app uses GPS locations to determine where certain Pokemon will appear. For example, water Pokemon are more likely to appear around ponds or lakes. Who knew that all we really needed to get people to go outside was Japanese digital animals? (Read more)

We Conquered Jupiter

That was a quote from NASA as the Juno space probe entered the orbit of our solar system’s largest planet. Juno is the first probe to orbit Jupiter since the Galileo probe in 2003 and will look to build upon its predecessor’s success. How dense is Jupiter’s gas atmosphere? Does it contain water? If so, how much? Is the planet made of nothing but gas, or is there a solid core? Are there elf-like beings that look like Channing Tatum living beneath the dense gas atmosphere? These questions and more are what the Juno mission hopes to answer. (CNN)

Improve Your Business Skills

As innovators trying to move cutting edge technology from the lab to the marketplace, it can be easy to focus heavily on the science aspects and neglect the business ones. To find success in the marketplace, it is imperative to focus on the business aspects of your innovation. Not confident in your business skills? Lucky for you we have just the tip you are looking for. Hubspot, one of our favorite reads, has assembled 11 simple and easy to use resources to help improve and form more well-rounded business skills. (Hubspot)

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