Tide TIPS Volume 2


Tide TIPS: Volume 2

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Meet, Drink, Innovate

If you are interested in any, or all, of the following: beer, good conversation, and innovation, then we have the event for you. A meetup of Tuscaloosa entrepreneurs has been scheduled for August 11 at the Alcove Tavern. So, if you are interested in entrepreneurship because of your own venture, or just looking to plug into the community, by all means stop by. A wise man once said that beer leads to good conversation, and good conversation leads to great innovation. Ok, so maybe that wise man was me, but you get the picture. Come test my wisdom at the event. See you there. (Meetup)

Fight with the Suicide Squad

Later this week, the nerdom mecca, ComiCon, will take place in San Diego. Thousands upon thousands of fan boys and girls will descend upon the city to catch a glimpse at their most anticipated upcoming movie or TV show. One that sparked our interest was the use of Virtual Reality at the Suicide Squad exhibit. Visitors to the exhibit can be virtually placed into a live action battle with all of the Squad members and get virtually inked at Harley Quin’s tattoo parlor. So, this might be the closest I’ll get to my dream of marrying Margot Robbie. Now checking flights to San Diego….. (VRScout)

Gain a new skill

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder and CEO, once said the most valuable skill one could learn today is to code. Good news, we have a hot tip on how to get started on this. Udemy is offering a comprehensive, online HTML class for free. Not going to lie, it is a bit lengthy, at nearly ten hours of class time. But hey, the walls of Facebook weren’t built in a day, and you won’t be a master coder in an hour. So, get your Cheeto’s and Red Bull and get to work. (Udemy)

Innovation can be weird

Innovations can be great and awesome things. Especially when they are disruptive. However, sometimes new innovative inventions can be a little out of the ordinary. Recently, Time magazine highlighted some of the weirder gadgets we have seen. We got quite a kick out of it around here, and thought we would share with you. But don’t forget, we love all of our inventions the same, weird or not. So if you invent something, feel free to tell us about it. The invention disclosure form doesn’t discriminate. (Time)

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