Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patent, Startups Volume 3


Tide TIPS: Volume 3

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Start your business without wasting time

Creating, building, and growing a startup company is really, really hard. Trust me, I speak from personal experience. One thing that you cannot afford to do in the process is waste time. A lot of times, you can waste time without even knowing it. Recently, I read a great article from Inc. In the article they spoke with 11 different startup owners and asked them about how to avoid wasting time. Spoiler alert: put down your cell phone! Check out all the tips here. (Inc)

The Innovation everyone has created: burnt toast

Yes, you read that correctly. If, and who are we kidding, when you burnt your toast, you were a true visionary. A real Edison before your time. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but some Chinese scientists really did make some cool stuff out of burnt toast. They used a special argon filled oven – not exactly your average spring loaded morning sidekick- to overcook toast and turn it into carbon foam. The foam can be made at low cost and mass-produced​ like normal bread. Anticipated applications are for building insulation and packaging. There is a cooler than sliced​ bread joke here somewhere, but I’ll butter up to you and let you jam it out yourself. (Fast Company)

IP Wars: The Patent Awakens

After having worked at this office for some time, I’ve realized that intellectual property is sort of like the Force in Star Wars. Something people know is there and can help, but they just aren’t sure at all how to use it. Well, the Jedi Knight over at IP Watchdog has simplified the five basic things every inventor needs to know about intellectual property, and more specifically, patents. After reading this, things should make a little more sense. Now, I’m not saying you will become a Jedi Master from this, but you will avoid cutting your hand off with your lightsaber. (IP Watchdog)

Augmented Reality coming to a Snap near you soon

Lookout Pokemon Go, you won’t be the only popular AR on the market. Last week, one of Snapchat’s patents was published indicating their increased investment into AR. You can read the entire patent by following the link, but I’ll try to give you the basics. What will happen is a user will take a picture of something, such as the Empire State building, and then Snapchat’s new system would put King Kong at the top of it. The drawings in the patent indicate that this system will be used for really cool ads and even coupons. This can’t be cooler than the red coupon dispensers that were attached to shelves in grocery stores that every kid grabbed way too many of. But you do you, Snapchat. (Popular Science)

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