2B Electronic

Contact: Brandt Hendricks

2B Electronic is bringing affordable, portable EMG devices to the marketplace

525 Solutions

Contact: Robin Rogers

525 Solutions utilizes natural ingredients to assist in the side effects of diseases like diabetes

Applied Tutoring

Contact: Curt Peinhardt

Applied Tutoring LLC is Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s premier tutoring and test preparation service for students in high school, college, and graduate school


Contact: Ben Bickerstaff

Bidsters creates innovative applications that provide efficient collaboration and communication tools for the construction industry.


Contact: Rachel Frazier or Hunter Adams

Graphenics focuses on determining the best processes for the mass manufacturing of the unique material, graphene.

Innovative Med Concepts

Innovative Valency

Contact: Anthony J. Arduengo III

Innovative Valency is a fine chemicals company manufacturing air-sensitive reagents and ligands for organic synthesis and organometallic chemistry.


Contact: Thomas Schubert

Iolitec is an award-winning, dynamic, innovative and goal-oriented company whose activities go far beyond the production and sale of ionic liquids.


Contact: Thomas Macher

MagnnPro is developing a safer substitute for existing contrast agents.

Mike Parker & Associates LLD

Contact: Michael Parker

Parker & Associates, LLC utilizes a transtheoretical model of change that helps people become informed, formulate a strategy, and act on a new, better behavior.


Contact: William R. Sutterlin

Renewable Alternatives is a company dedicated to the research and development of new products made from renewable materials.

Surface Integrity

Contact: Michael Sealy

Surface Integrity is working to develop medical implants that can degrade inside the body and eliminate the sometimes required surgical removal of orthopedic devices.

ThruPore Technologies

Contact: Martin G. Bakker

ThruPore is developing and manufacturing superior heterogeneous catalysts for chemical research and chemical manufacturing.