What is it?

The Venture Development internship is a semester long internship that requires interns to develop commercialization strategies for UA based intellectual property. Put simply, we want you to tell us how to make money off new inventions. Pay for this position will correspond to educational level of the student.

Who should apply?

The internship pairs a business student with a technical student. So for example, an engineer major would be paired with a marketing major. This helps develop a complete analysis of the technology. To accomplish this, we encourage students from a wide range of backgrounds to apply. Below are a couple of examples.

  • Chemistry
  • Marketing
  • Engineers
  • Economics

Frequently Asked Questions

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Work Hours

How many hours should I expect to work each week? What is my schedule?

Up to 10

Depending on how much work you have, you should expect to work up to around 10 hours each week. You can set your own schedule as well. Work as much as you want, when you want.


What is required of me? How should I dress?

Just a Few

The only requirement is for you to show up to scheduled weekly meetings. Meetings will be the same time every week in our offices downtown. Time of meeting will be determined to fit everyone's schedule. Dress is business casual, so look profesh, y'all.

Work Location

Where am I expected to work? Do I come to an office everyday?

Work Wherever

Most students choose to work remotely. This means you can wherever you want. Starbucks, the library, your bed. Wherever you want really. You only come to the office for weekly meetings. Note: The office is downtown, so you need to be able to make it there.


I am uncertain if I fit the qualifications, should I apply? How do I apply?

Definitely Apply

No matter if you are undergrad, grad, or doctoral, we look for students in backgrounds of science, engineering, technology, and mathematics as well as any type of business background. Finance, marketing, accounting, etc. Law students are also encouraged to apply as well. Keep scrolling to learn how to apply.

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Ben Bickerstaff


To apply, send your resume and next semester class schedule (if you have it) to Ben Bickerstaff. His email address is: (Hint: copy and paste)

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